About us

Burnie’s thinks a lot of the BBQ sauces and marinades we produce. Each one starts with a firm foundation derived from Grandmother’s secret recipe. The story goes she laughed when told we were going to use her sauce and market it for distribution. She made the statement that she guessed one day she would be famous from this venture. Today we are proud to offer our signature sauces using her recipe as the base for each quality sauce we produce. By using the freshest ingredients in our recipes we have been able to create some awesome traditional and gourmet sauces we think she would be proud of placing on the table. We invite you to try our products and see how true that is, knowing you are getting the best quality ingredients in every purchase. We continue to strive with each bottle of Burnie’s bbq sauce to keep those great family bbq times around the table alive for generations to come. We hope you enjoy your sauces as much as we have enjoyed preparing them for you.