Monday, September 3, 2012

Pit Master DNA

Call it pit-master DNA passed down from one generation to the next. Top that with the indisputable title of superb sauce originator, and what do you get? You get an unforgettable taste bud experience that only can be created by Burnie's Sauces & Marinades. Steeped in southern culture and family pride, grandmother's heirloom sauces and marinades along with her seasoning meat rub have earned bragging rights. Now known as our legendary line of sauces these creations boasts flavor combinations so imaginative, you won't find them anywhere else on planet earth.

With our line up having 10 current awe-inspiring recipes (and counting), Burnie's has a sauce to excite everyone's palate. From hot and spicy to sweet and savory, each recipe is made from the freshest ingredients. Citrusy fruits, wild berries, seasonal herbs, and fragrant spices deliver a full-blown sensory explosion with every mouthful.
Whether braised, broiled, baked or barbequed, any meat or poultry can be transformed from mundane to magnificent. Variety and versatility makes Burnie's Sauces & Marinades equally complementary to veggies, salads, tofu and stir-fry. These heritage recipes are the product of decades of love and dedication. The Burnie's family hopes you enjoy your sauces and much as we enjoy creating them for you. Each of our sauces and marinades embody classic Southern Americana in every bottle.

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