Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Citrus Ribs off the Grill

Burnie's Orange Citrus Sauce Recipe

Grilling Ribs out for the party!

Start by Pulling the backing outer membrane of ribs off

Cover ribs with Dijon Mustard

Rub Brown Sugar on each side of ribs

Place ribs in pan bones down

Cover with Orange Citrus Sauce

Butt Rub Lightly cover

Let this set overnight

Smoke on 225 for 3 /4 hours

You can leave in pan or place on the grill. If placing on grill keep them turned and moist with orange citrus sauce

Tip use sauce out of pan to keep moist on grill

Serve with Bush baked beans http://www.bushbeans.com/en_US/index.jsp and your favorite slaw fixings. Grilled corn on the cob is also a good touch to the dinner table and can be grilled right on the smoker. Don't forget the Sweet Tea and homemade Ice Cream!
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